Thanks again for participating in Relay for Life.
— Kate Daly, Associate Director, Volunteer & Service Learning Center
We recommend you to our clients without hesitation, knowing your performance is a consistent crowd-pleaser and that you are dependable and extremely professional.
— D. O’Donnell, Entertainment Resources
“Tommy brings a high level of skill and humor to his show while entertaining us all in a fun, professional manner. He was the highlight of our Holiday Party.”
— Todd Springer, Owner
We were able to raise nearly $3,000. For your assistance, we are truly grateful.
— Richard E. Johnson, Aleppo Shrine, Past Potentate 2002

It was great to meet you at Jen & Fred’s wedding. Everyone raved over your show and most importantly, the bride!
— Shannon Spiliotis, Owner

This was the best Christmas party ever! Thank you again for the wonderful entertainment. We will definitely do it again!
— K. Berry, President – Builders Insulation Company

Thanks again for a terrific show. There were over 250 people at your performance and we heard nothing but positive comments. We would love to have you back again in the future.
— D. Coulombe, President of Entertainment – Indian Head Resort, NH.

We know that we can trace our nightly crowds directly to the attractions we have and you are no exception.
— C. Johnson, President – West Tennessee State Fair

Your performance was the highlight of our day long program….Observers have remarked on your entertaining, tasteful, mesmerizing and compelling performance. ….our seventeenth event; many of our associates have expressed the opinion that this was the best entertainment to date.
— G. McBride, Director – Maine State Housing Authority

I wanted to say Thank-you with a capital T. You made our employee party fantastic! The laughter roared with excitement. Thank you for a wonderful show.
— P. Prim, Beverage Supervisor – Radisson Hotel Corporation

As in the past, the kids were mesmerized by your show. What is most refreshing is your professionalism with the students. Everyone who attended, students and teachers alike, were thoroughly entertained.
— B. Kreick, Student Activities Coordinator – Nashua High School North

Year after year, you continue to captivate 1,000 new students with a show that amazes even the skeptics in the audience. …..after 8 years, with multiple performances in several of those years, I know that I can depend on you for a quality performance that takes little or no preparation on our part.
— L. Siegel, Director of Residence Life – University of Massachusetts

The last time you performed for our guests, it went over so well that many of them are still asking for you.
— R. McNinch Jr., General Manager – Eastover Resort

You were entertaining and yet so professional.
— W. Syphers, President Elect, Century 21

The attendance at your shows was reported to be the biggest draw at these fairs.
— Gaston Auger, President, Gastoni Attractions, Montreal, Canada

As soon as word spread around our area of your performances, people were calling everyday asking what time your shows started.
— Allen G. Freeman, Executive Director, Georgia State Fair

Your show was engaging, professional, and fun!
— Donna Morris, Executive Director of the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce

We thoroughly enjoyed your show and will definitely be recommending your services to our friends and colleagues.
— Nan l. Weinberg, Asst. Vice President, The McIntyre Group, New Jersey

Thank you so much for making our holiday party a large success.
— Jaye Donaldson, Donaldson Makoski, Connecticut

It has been 2 weeks and everyone is still talking and laughing about your show.
— T. Ross, Lead Administrator, The Pepsi Bottling Group

Thank you for a fun and amazing performance at last night’s ‘Marvel of Mind, Body & Spirit ‘ event. I hope you’ll consider participating again next year.
— Lynn Gerrits, Complementary Care Center Manager

The show you performed Saturday night was a huge success.
— R. Tucker, Event Chairman, Loyal Order Of Moose
All of the feedback we got was extremely positive. Everyone had a fun night and we did well financially.
— Allen Thomas, Rotary Club of Chelmsford
...thank you so much for your show yesterday ... the kids are still talking about it today! It was the perfect end to our Student Appreciation Day. Thanks for sharing your talents with our kids ... I look forward to having you back to ND next year!
— Chris Cipriano, Principal